BalancED MK is now closed

Rebalance Self Support Group

Positively challenging eating disorders…together.

Rebalance was a recovery focused self-support group run by BalancED MK, suitable for anyone affected by any form of disordered eating, including loved ones wanting to support recovery.

Both groups offered a friendly, welcoming environment, with sessions facilitated by experienced staff/volunteers, many of whom had recovered from an eating disorder themselves. Volunteers also included carers and mental health professionals, helping to provide a spectrum of advice and experience.

The first hour of each session was based on a subject that could aid recovery from any form of disordered eating. Topics encouraged participants to consider and reflect upon their thoughts, feelings and behaviours and the actions that might help create a more balanced way of living. The second hour allowed for peer support and chat, helping to minimise isolation whilst increasing understanding.

Attendees could self-refer by contacting BalancED MK by email or telephone.


The Rebalance Self-Support Group inspired the creation of the ‘Eating Disorder Recovery Handbook: A Practical Guide to Long-term Recovery’, by Dr Nicola Davies and Emma Bacon, published in 2016. This empathetic handbook is a comprehensive guide through every stage of recovery, from recognising and understanding eating disorders to learning about treatment, self-help tools and practical advice for maintaining recovery long-term.

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