My Relationship with Food

My relationship with food where do I begin,
Doesn’t matter which way I turn I’m never going to win!
Either I eat too little and go over the top whilst exercising like mad,
Then Binge on the nearest thing when I panic, feeling rotten and bad!

Counting the calories and keeping an eye on the saturated fat and sugar content,
What bread do I choose from white or brown, why does it matter I scream and vent?
I’m told brown is better as we need bran to fill us up and is healthier than white,
But too much bran is bad for you and as for white who knows, you see my plight?

They say it’s okay to have the occasional treat and snack,
Just make sure all that crap doesn’t give you a heart attack!
Yes it’s fine as long as you’re exercising and burning off all that fat,
Just don’t be idle and sit down on your arse all day and relax!

I’m told by health nurses what to eat and avoid but it differs depending on who I see,
And I’m supposed to guess who’s right, who am I supposed to believe!?
It takes me hours to choose something to eat as I’m so confused,
How do I glean from the different products the healthiest and cheapest to use?

I spend hours in the supermarket looking for healthy meals to cook,
Sometimes a recipe from my Mary Berry’s complete cook book!
I’m told constantly to eat the right thing and to exercise to be healthy,
So I joined a gym, play tennis and swim but I’m not exactly wealthy!

So I muse to myself why do I listen to these so called know it all’s,
When they themselves have issues with food, god these people have such gall!
At least I try to be healthy and keep fit, try not to take it to extreme,
I just wonder who do they think they are, alas it seems to be a recurring theme!

21st June 2012
By J Farquharson